A Center For International Languages

Since its inception in 1995,the Dhaka Language Club has established itself amongst the students in the city as a popular institution for language courses. The ‘club' offers 16 different languages, in addition to courses for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and GMAT. The courses are taught by experienced teachers from both home and abroad, making the institution very effective in its aid to students. More>>

A Leading Multi-Lingual
Institute in Dhaka

How to get your membership?

Very simple, you have to bring 3 copies of passport size colour photograph and particular course fees, that's all.

Dhaka Language Club has been awarded scholarship from Japan Foundation.

Language Researcher, TV Presenter Development activist, Writer and DLC President Masud A. Khan has received different awards for his outstanding contribution, such as International mother language award-2010, Mother Teresa Award-2010, Financial Mirror Award-2005, Kagoj Kalom Award-2009, Anonna Anti-drug Movement Award-2010 and many others.