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The idea of the academy of languages comes from its Founder president and multi-lingual researcher, Masud A Khan, who started the institution with an aim to help students from all backgrounds accommodate to different languages. “We intend to diminish the barriers of languages and the communication gap faced by the professionals and students of our country,” adds Masud. He also believes that Bangladesh is losing valuable foreign currency in spite of exporting huge amounts of labor. Masud A. Khan thinks that the export of unskilled labor is the cause behind lower wages for Bangladeshi laborers abroad, and he points out the language barrier as one of the major factors affecting the balance of payment deficits in our country. Although the Dhaka Language Club, with teachers from different foreign missions and universities in Dhaka , struggled against the odds in the beginning, it soon obtained a good reputation amidst students. Its innovative teaching methods and extra classes for weak students, makes it easier for pupils to learn new languages. Languages such as English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Persian, German, Italian, Malay, Swedish and even Bangla for Foreigners are taught using different systems.

This year Masud A Khan wrote a book namely ‘Learn English In Quickest Way'. The book has become a very popular one among the Learners at home and the Bengali people who work abroad. The book is available at the own campuses of DLC.

The courses start with basic communication skills and moves onto higher standards, such as reading and writing for most foreign languages. The curriculum was originally hard to set, mainly because of the fact that foreign languages are hard to catch for new learners, but over the years the club has adopted an effective teaching method. The institution has held national and international seminars and this has improved the awareness in the city, over the need for learning new things. However, the foreign language courses are mostly, taken by professionals and students, who wish to visit countries abroad, rather than individuals, who just show the eagerness to learn a new language. Most of the students are professionals and undergraduate from private universities in Dhaka . They also have options of class timing after working hours for professionals who work.


Main Campus:
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House: 216, Baridhara DOHS

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e-mail: info@dhakalanguageclub.com

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