In today's fast changing IT world, we need to know various languages not only as a means of communication but also for our professional life to present ourselves in the areas of science and technology, business and global communication. Besides that, other languages are useful for traveling purposes. In the scenario of Bangladesh, we see that many people considered as academics, are very weak when it comes to actually speaking the English language. As a result, the business people are unable to communicate with their clients, the students are unsuccessful in their job interviews at reputed foreign companies and many students and professionals alike are returning from various work forces abroad because of their limited knowledge of English. When it comes to the Bangladeshi folks, we see that they cannot truly express their mind. There is a GAP, a communication GAP! It is this GAP that the Dhaka Language Club wishes to diminish.
Main Campus:
Suite: 4b, Road: 2
House: 216, Baridhara DOHS

Ph: 9893774
+88 01716-500230, +88 01911-340586


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